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Bold: Preparing for Launch

I’ve had some time to think about my bucket list and Bold Goals for 2016.  As I approach the launch of Bold,  Much of my insight comes from “The Four Agreements,”  A quick read describing four principles to integrate into your life.  The one I always struggle with is,  “Do the best you can,  everyday.”

Sometimes,  we have great days and are insanely productive, loving members of society.  Other days,   Not so much.  The goal here isn’t to make the tumbles of life consistent,  but to acknowledge,  even on the bad days,  when all you want to do is curl up in bed and binge watch netflix,  that you’ve done the best you can for that day. That might mean,  I showered,  I fed myself,  and I took out the trash.  The critical stuff,  you know? Other days,  it could mean that you saved a merger from going south,  you handmade your kid’s christmas costume,  you threw a party that went off without a hitch.

The point is,  each day you have a conversation with yourself.  You gauge where you are,  how you feel,  and you nuture you. Doing this eliminates a lot of guilt and self judgement.  You didn’t dissapoint yourself because you set realistic expectations.  You were honest,  you did your best today,  and thats something to celebrate.

This is all I ask of myself as I move into bold.  This goal will not be an opportunity to berate myself or self sabotage.  I’m going to disarm self-sabotage,  and hopefully help you do it, too.  This will be self exploration and expansion into new and exciting adventures and I can’t wait for you to join me.

List is due out in  3 days.  Are you ready?

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