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Bold:  (of a person, action, or idea) showing an ability to take risks; confident and courageous.
I recently found an alternative to making New Year resolutions:
Pick a word,  and live it for an entire year. 

 Take photos of it,  scrapbook about it,  write about it,  quilt and sew about it. Be like the gerber daisies in this photo.
 My word for 2016 is bold.
I’ve spent too much time staying quiet and safe and it shows in my work,  in my goals, and in my wardrobe.
It’s time to take risks in order to get rewards.   It’s time to be confident about me,  regardless of what “me” feels like that day.
Moreover,  it’s time to be courageous,  because I’ve spent too much time saying, “I can’t.”
I have a Checklist for 2016 focused on this word “Bold”  but I won’t be posting it until January 1.
I got this idea from some peers in the blogging community,  and think its a great way to work on oneself in a compassionate way.
I expect many failures while I learn to live boldly,  and I don’t expect to perfect it in one year.  I’m looking at this as a concentrated, focused effort.
When given the choice to be modest,  I will choose bold.  When uncertainty strikes,  I will choose the bold path.  I will do it often and reap the
consequences and rewards that come from it.

Interesting concept right?

So, come on friends.  Pick a word with me.

What is your “word”  for 2016?


  1. Wow Jess, great idea!

    I spent several minutes mulling this over. I chose several words in my head but didn’t think it really got to what I wanted to BE or strive to be in 2016. I’ll also wait for your checklist for Bold to write my checklist, but my word for 2016 is: thoughtful.

  2. I choose “balance” because it is required at this point in my life and I owe it to myself, my family and my friends.

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