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My bold 2016 is officially  here and with it comes some intentions, a bucket list,  and a bit of fear.  I expected this,  as fear comes with most change,  but I’m also incredibly excited.  When I chose the word “bold,”  I knew I was challenging myself to embrace uncertainty and vulnerability.  I knew it would have difficult moments,  and there would be crying spells as I argued with myself to read one more article,  attend one more seminar, before I finally DO what I want to do.  Nothing will ever take away the fear that comes with exposing who you are and what you stand for.  It makes us all feel small and frail,  especially if we seek outside acceptance.

There aren’t many items on this list because, frankly, it’s a challenging list.  It’s going to take focus every single day to make this work, but I believe if I stick to these two statements of intent, the list will fall into place:

Embrace that I can do nothing and care for nothing if I cannot care for myself first. 

I’ve spent a long time trying to run from one emergency to another,  one crisis to another,  and my health and my well being always comes second to the chaos around me. I’ve finally entered a time and place in my life where a lot of the outside chaos has quieted, and yet, I find myself creating my own chaos.  Enough,  I say. Time to be bold and learn how to compassionately say, “no.”     I need to come first if I want to be present for those I love.

 Routine:   Master it.  Stop fearing it. 

I’ve never been great at routine.  I can’t even take a vitamin daily.  This year,  I would like to take on a routine and stick to it.  No excuses. This means  planning more meals, exercising more regularly,  and going to sleep at the same time most nights.   It’s necessary,  it’s essential,  and its TIME.

Bold Bucket list for 2016


Post Weekly

Open an Online Store.

Submit a short story to a literary journal

Submit an article to a Magazine

Quilt More.

Sew More.

Get amazing photos from Quiltcon.

Travel someplace fun.

Create a paperless office.

Purge any and EVERYTHING that no longer makes me happy.


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