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I do not believe in the Easter Bunny,  but I do believe in bunnies.  They are soft,  thoughtful little creatures with more intelligence than most people realize.  They express excitement, joy,  annoyance,  boredom and impatience.   They communicate with their body,  and will not hold back from shaking their food bowl if your late with breakfast.   They are stubborn  and adorable,  and they are  high maintenance. A relationship with them must be worked on everyday.  If not, they’ll turn their nose up at you,  even if you bring blueberries.

I’ve learned so much from my relationship with my angora bun,  and even more from his bonded mate.  While love came easy with Cinna,  Viola has made me work for it. In truth, Viola never chose me.  She chose my step-daughter,  and then in turn, chose Cinna.  She tollerates me at best most days,  for which I am grateful, but she will approach and give me a few kisses,  knowing I bring the hay.

Happy Easter to my little composters,  who eat my extra veggies and provide fertilizer for my daisies and herbs.


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