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As I get older,  I realize that there will never be “creative time” unless I box it out and defend it with ferocity.  There is always a dish to wash,  a shirt to launder or a pet to brush.  Even when I do block out time,  there is always a cat in the office chair,  an ironing board to set up and a desk that needs clearing.  My little home has several multifunctional spaces,  so some rearranging is necessary. 

Still,  when I do get to crack open the drawing pad/sewing machine/creativebug class,  I let out a deep breath and smile.   I recently started watching Creativebug’s drawing classes.  Though my main medium is fabric,  Drawing allows me to let go and put to paper whatever comes into my mind.   The drawing pictured resulted from a painting/drawing excercise I used from Creativebug.  Not bad for random shapes right? 

I’ve learned to squeeze creative projects into the spare minutes of the day as well. Some nights I just can’t get to my desk.   Too many chores or responsibilties get in the way.  On those days especially,  I try to doodle in my sketchbooks (or random napkins,)  read an article,  or take photos of the beauty I see.     

I try to craft between the breaths.  I find that on the most hectic day,  I feel the most accomplished when I’ve made time for me as well as my responsibilties.  Even ten minutes a day can keep those projects on track and those creative juices flowing.  

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