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Denim Repair #1

I think a denim rip is most people’s worst nightmare.  In the photo above,  you can see what a co-worker gave me this last weekend.   In the past,  I used to fix denim with the iron-on denim patches,  but these jeans, as many of mine are stretch denim.

The problem with stretch denim is that a typical iron-on patch will not secure your rip after you wash it, and in most cases, may cause additional tears.  To tackle the issue with stretch denim I decided to patch the “classic” way.

  • First, keep your stretch denim when you hem, or invest in some stretch denim at your local fabric store.  You don’t need a lot.  A quarter of a yard will last several pairs of jeans.
  • Second,  cut out a patch slightly bigger than the hole you’re patching.
  • Match your grains.    Match the grain of the patch to the grain of the repair.    This will help the patch to stretch in a similar way to the pant.  It also makes the hole far less noticeable when completed.


Once the patch is lined up the way I wish,  I tightly zigzag stitch around the rip edge. Afterwards I cut down the patch to the stitches.

photo 2

Here’s the final result!

photo 1

A quick press and the jeans are done.   Enjoy!

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