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We have growth spurts throughout our lives, expanding our horizons and interests.  If you’re lucky you might even pick up a few hobbies.

I feel like I’ve had an ongoing growth spurt since I turned 25.  I spent the last 6 years jumping from hobby to hobby,  learning to knit, sew, quilt, spin paint, and now draw.

There were times I thought I was going nuts with shiny object syndrome,  and then I realized earlier this year,  there are a lot of people like me going through a similar experience.

Maybe its a trend,  or a legitimate social movement to return to our roots.  Either way,  there is a noticable movement of people who are eager to engage in sustainability and creation rather than

pure consumerism.  The consumers still exist,  and believe me the craft market has loads to consume,  but people are taking an interest in preserving traditions and taking up a loom or sewing needle.

My advice is this:

Don’t limit yourself.

Use the pretty material you’re afraid to waste.

Use it all up and have a party.


Start three projects at once.

Have a blast.

Believe it or not,  this is the only way to really find your passions.  You’ll quickly learn what doesn’t jive with you,  and what you’re addicted to.  Don’t berate yourself for wasting money on a hobby.  Buy items frugally,

and if it doesn’t work out,  craiglist it or donate it.  The universe still benefits from your adventures.

I recently started one of the several 30 day drawing challenges on  It pushes me to draw more,  and to draw things I stink at drawing.  By the end of the 15 minute video,  I’m pretty satisfied.

Though I am an affiliate of Creativebug,  there are no links on this site yet.  I’m promoting Creativebug because I think it’s helped me intergrate creativity into my life,  and I’ve already bought gift subscriptions for several friends.

That said,  if you don’t know about Creativebug,  they have several free classes that can help you embellish, craft and create. 🙂

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