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Lately, I’ve been researching as many peer blogs, podcasts, and books on creativity that I possibly can. I’ve also been researching Molly Upton, quilt designer and artist whose work defined “art quilting” in the 1970s.

The last couple of weeks have been INSANELY fun and interesting. That said, here’s a list of what my “research mode” looks like:

1. I make up words to describe my excitement.
2. The laundry piles up but the socks finally get folded. I concentrate better with distracted hands? Who knew?
3. My cats have figured out the perfect way to spoon me while I read on the couch. They’re happy for the extra affection.
4. The bed never gets made. Again, happy cats.
5. I trade coffee for water. Better stamina with water, after all.
6. I ignore my planned blog posts. (sorry!)
7. Lunch times are spent in the back seat of my car, listening to podcasts and taking notes.
8. Ink. Gets. Everywhere. Forearm, forehead…ankles? Really?
9. My brainstorming sessions are an explosion of post-its, spreadsheets and colored paper on the living room carpet.
10.  I turn the kitchen table into an extension of my desk.  It looks chaotic and fabulous at the same time.  Orange juice in a wine glass?  Yes sir.

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