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Jess ProfileHey All.

It takes courage to put what you love out into the world.  I’ve been doing this blog since 2014 and I can tell you it hasn’t gotten much easier.

This I can tell you:  It’s worth it.

My Life:

I enjoy the deconstruction process.   When I learn,  I want to understand my tools and my supplies.  For example, when I started sewing in 2011, I realized I wanted to know how the fabric was made.  That got me exploring dying arts,  which turned me onto yarns,  which turned me onto fiber processing.  Essentially,  I wanted to know how the sweater became a sweater,  from the sheep to the price tag.  It’s fascinating,  understanding how to make things.  It’s very different then how most people grow up today,  but I had a special lady in my life who passed onto me the love of making.  

My grandmother put a crochet needle in my hands when I was six.  My mother tried to take it out of my hand but I wouldn’t have any part of it.  After that, I spent many evenings by my grandmother’s feet,  unwinding her yarn while watching her fingers dance with lace.

I still crochet today, but it shares my time with quilting, fiber carding, and writing.

I currently live in Henderson, Nevada with Landon,  my loving partner who deals with the cats and rabbits, as well as my madness.

My Education Stats:

I graduated from the University of Connecticut with a degree in Liberal Arts, and a concentration in Creative Writing and Journalism.

I studied under former Connecticut Poet Laureate Marilyn Nelson.

I was fortunate enough to travel with her and my class in the summer of 2006 on a six week trip to Florence, Italy.

I’ve been published in the Hartford Courant, Hartford Magazine and the University of Connecticut’s Literary Journal,  Long River Review.


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