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It’s happening.  Slowly but surely,  I’m kicking my butt into some semblance of a routine.  

Getting started on “Bold 2016” took a sideways step because I was called upon to nurse two kittens.  (More photos to follow.)  I got an opportunity to practice my word,  so I did.  

Now,  why was this bold?  Well,  kittens,  while cute,  are fairly demanding of your time and attention.  Especially if they struggle to keep clean,  and these little girls did.  Some baby wipes,  antibiotics for colitis and forti-flora fixed their elimination issues,  but my bathroom paid the price.  Daily.  

A labor of love, for sure. That said,  fostering is incredibly rewarding.  It saves lives and helps your shelter better serve its community.  Now that these little fluff balls are off to their adopted homes and my bathroom had been thoroughly sanitized,  it’s time to blog again!

With a brother px and scansnap in hand,  the office paperwork is slowly being rangled.  It WILL be paperless soon.  No more drawers of hanging files!  Only digital folders with redundancies built upon redundancies.  

With Month 2 of “Bold” starting up,  I look forward to Quiltcon,  and tackling some of those projects around the house:

– Headboard Part 2 (I KNOW, so delayed)

– photographing the animals for the website. 

– Reading my Kindle dry.  (Quiltcon will help this.) 

– Sewing(!?!) again. There’s only a mountain of things in my “To-Sew” pile and unfinished projects area.  

– continuing my eating “whole” spree,  in otherwords,  very little processed foods and very little sugar.  More cooking,  more food shopping,  less processed food.  

One day,  I will find a planner that works for me.  I swear it >.<.  Erin Condren maybe?

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