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It’s easy to get caught up in the rhythm of the day.  Even if you own your own business,  it can seem like you spend the majority of you day answering emails and troubleshooting problems and before you know it,  the ice in your morning coffee is melted,  your beverage no longer refreshing or inspiring ( isn’t everone inspired by coffee?) and you daylight hours nearly expired.

So how do we regain the hours?  Short of using a “Time-Turner” or an Eluvian (grats if you know the references),  here are some tips to manage you time.

  1. Set A Timer –  if you don’t want to spend more than an hour on email,  set a timer to interrupt you after an hour.  If you want to contine,  set another timer for 20 minutes.
  2. Evaluate your progress- if you’ve fallen down the rabbit hole chasing a  problem,  make sure to check in with yourself every hour or so.  Can I do this tomorrow?  Is someone else required to do this?  Is my time better spent on something else right now?
  3. Check it off your list – my previous post about lists delves into why this helps organize our brains.  It also keeps your eye floating over all the items that need your attention,  hence making you reflect on time,  and so on. 
  4. Take a lunch – its recharging, it feeds your brain and its never okay to skip it. 
  5. Don’t check emails over lunch – walk away from the pc/handheld device and take a walk or a nap.

When the day is over, leave it at work- congratulate yourself on an excellent day and vow to be better tomorrow.  

Now take a bath,  read a book and rejuvinate your senses.  You’ve earned it.

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